Doctor-Patient Conflict series: Introduction #AtoZChallenge

This topic has been on my mind for a long while now. Over the past few days, it has moved back to the forefront following the disturbing news of an assault on a doctor by the family members of a patient and the consequent strike by doctors in Maharashtra, India. The strike has since been called off with assurances of heightened security for hospitals by the government (news suggest that the government has delivered) and things have limped back to normal.

But what is ‘normal’ and is that normal acceptable? How will increasing security, change circumstances and behavior? After all, this high level of security is abnormal and cannot be the norm. And finally, why does this sort of thing happen with disturbing frequency across our country?

From my vantage position as both physician and patient and, as one exposed to working-cultures both within India and abroad; I hope to, within the next few days, explore the fracture in the doctor-patient relationship, examine it from both perspectives and hopefully add value to the conversation.

Thank you for reading.

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